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There are many myths and half-truths about which actions matter when organizations want to attract and retain employees. The Attractive Workplace conference is based on LEAD's research-based holistic model that puts attracting and retaining employees into a lifecycle perspective. 

The model contains 15 of the most important factors that meta-studies show are important for attracting and retaining employees and that each manager or organization can influence.  

Learn the art of attracting and connecting with qualified candidates and achieve long-term success. 

At this conference, you will fill your toolbox with concrete tools for working strategically and purposefully to create and rethink an attractive workplace.

After the conference you will be able to: 

  • Work strategically to create an attractive workplace based on the holistic model for the attractive workplace 
  • Map out which focus areas you need to work on in your own organization
  • Use knowledge of good leadership to create direction and a shared understanding  
  • Use best practice examples to rethink how we expand the workforce or reduce the need for labor.

What will you get at the conference on managing the attractive public workplace?

There are no easy shortcuts to solving the issue of attraction and retention in the public sector. You need to look at the organization as a whole, with multiple areas coming into play. 

The conference begins with a presentation that presents the holistic model for the attractive workplace. It also explains why the holistic model for the attractive workplace cannot stand alone, but must be complemented by a focus on the 'innovative workplace' that adapts the organization to a future with rising expectations and fewer employees. Next, we take an in-depth look at selected factors in the holistic model of the attractive workplace and the innovative workplace.

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The conference is aimed at public sector managers as well as HR professionals and other resource people who work with employee attraction and retention. You can attend on your own, but we recommend attending as a management group. This is a unique opportunity to create a "common language" and together map out where you need to take action and create value in your own practice. 

Why a conference on managing the attractive workplace? 

By 2030, there will be a shortage of 90,000 people in the Danish labor market. The solution to the problem requires new perspectives and new actions. Otherwise, in a few years, we will have such massive labor challenges in large parts of the public sector that we will no longer be able to deliver on basic welfare areas such as health, schools, daycare and elderly care.  

With an increasing proportion of older employees approaching retirement age, there will be a greater need to attract and retain younger employees. At the same time, it may become more difficult to retain experienced employees who have built up valuable knowledge and experience over many years in the public sector. We must therefore rethink our public sector workplaces to make it more attractive for more people to contribute, and we must rethink how we adapt the organization to a future with increasing expectations for welfare and fewer people to deliver it. 

At this conference, you will get the latest research-based knowledge about what characterizes the attractive public workplace, and you will get tools to work strategically with attraction, attachment and adaptation.  

Attraction: What can we do to attract new employees who actively choose our organization? 

Attachment: What can we do to ensure existing employees are attached to our organization and want to stay?  

Adaptation: What can we do to expand the workforce or reduce the need for labor and free up time for civic work? 

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May 21, LEAD - Enter next level, Vestergade 43, Aarhus C, 09:00-16:30

May 24, LEAD - Enter next level, Overgaden Oven Vandet 10, 1415 Copenhagen, 09.00-16.30 (sold out)

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Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen: Area Director and Partner at LEAD - enter next level, working with culture and social responsibility including diversity and inclusion for Danish companies, the UN and the EU.

Claus Elmholdt: co-founder and professional director of LEAD - enter next level and associate professor of management psychology at Aalborg University. He is the author of bestsellers such as 'Effective Leadership Groups' and 'Leadership Psychology'. 

Christian Nyvang Qvick: Partner in LEAD - enter next level. He is the author of the book "Is anyone at home in the strategy house?"

Recruitment and retention is outdated - the attractive workplace attracts and retains employees

How do you create a workplace that attracts and retains a skilled workforce? This should be the question rather than how you recruit and retain employees.  

"What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word retention?" We've asked this question at many talks - and the answers have varied widely. A psychiatrist answered 'restraints' and 'straitjackets'. A lawyer answered 'non-compete and non-solicitation clauses'. A police officer answered 'leg locks'. 

Words have the power to shape reality. That's why examining how we talk about things is a great way to change the way we think and act. When we speak differently, we potentially see new perspectives and opportunities for action. 

 At LEAD, we argue that the terms 'recruitment' and 'retention' are outdated. They're rooted in an industry mindset and are fraught with resentment. At the conference, we will show how the lens of 'attraction' and 'attachment' zooms in on other understandings and opens up other solutions than those hidden in 'recruitment' and 'retention'.

LEAD Attractive Workplace Conference

LEAD has developed a holistic model as a framework tool for creating an attractive workplace

There are no easy shortcuts to solving the issue of attraction and retention in the public sector. You need to look at the organization as a whole, with multiple areas coming into play.

"The Attractive Workplace" is a holistic model that explores the most pressing issues of modern leadership and workplace culture. The model can be used by any organization as a starting point for working strategically to create a more productive, satisfying and attractive workplace.

Through decades of experience in public management, LEAD has developed a basic understanding of how organizations can strengthen their ability to attract and retain employees - for example, by enhancing their reputation or working with diversity and inclusion. With a focus on employee engagement, we also explore how leaders can create a trusting workplace that gives employees the freedom to be creative, take risks and learn from mistakes.

"The Attractive Workplace" also provides an in-depth examination of how organizations can develop and retain talented employees while ensuring their team members feel valued and recognized for their work."

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