Networking for leadership in the digital jungle

LEAD now offers a leadership network for managers, professional leaders and others who want to become better at leading digitalization and understanding and communicating the digital opportunities and challenges you and your peers face today. In the course, you can further develop and focus the leadership skills you have acquired through education and experience, while you will have the opportunity to build a strong network of professionals and, through expert facilitation, mobilize both your and the other participants' experiences. Leading digitalization is about both leading the implementation of new digital solutions (transformation) and creating value from existing digital solutions (transition). Participation in the leadership network will provide the skills and tools to master both.

Digitalization is simultaneously one of the biggest challenges and biggest opportunities for the public sector today. It places new demands on leaders to create a digital culture and mindset in their organizations, support innovation and learning, be aware of the ethical and legal aspects of digitalization, ensure employees' digital skills and well-being, and collaborate across disciplines, departments, organizations and sectors.

Networking for managers

LEAD has its finger on the pulse when it comes to leading digitalization across sectors across sectors, as we work intensively with leaders at all levels and specialists levels and specialists throughout the public sector and across the country. We therefore guarantee a program with a network at a high professional level that combines insight into the latest theory and methodology in leadership and management and digitalization with deep practical insight into developments in all sectors.

The professional starting point

Based on Per Eeg's book 'Leading in the digital jungle', you will gain an understanding of the six dimensions, including four core competencies neededtolead digitalization and concrete tools to connect it to your everyday life. You'll also get feedback on your projects from both in-depth experts and like-minded leaders.

Download the book as an e-book here.

Through the network, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get the latest and most impactful insights on leading digitalization across sectors
  • Being confronted with your leadership style
  • Meet like-minded people with similar challenges across disciplines and sectors
  • Draw on other members' experiences so you can avoid the same pitfalls
  • Present your own cases and get feedback from both in-depth experts and colleagues across the public and private sectors
  • Confirm or refute theses around your strategic considerations before you implement
  • Help others overcome their challenges and apply their experiences to your own practice
  • Create collaboration across organizations
  • Try out new initiatives in your own practice that have a proven effect
  • Expand your merchant repertoire through concrete tools and experience

Participant profile

Our network for leaders is aimed at leaders in and around the public sector who are curious about the impact of digitalization of their organizations and departments on the core business. These can be executives, middle and senior managers and other leadership roles that influence the digital strategy and development of the organization.

The Leadership Network is not about the technical aspects of digitalization, but rather focuses on the leadership perspective. We are all passionate about leadership and will use this arena as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and spar with each other without a prior agenda into each other's everyday life and leadership space.

The framework for the leadership network

The meetings are all structured as workshops based on the below:

  1. Presentations on the latest research and practice from the facilitator and other internal or external experts
  2. Knowledge sharing from participants about their own challenges and experiences
  3. Mobilization of participants and experts' methods and strategies
  4. Planning trial actions and action learning, as well as ongoing follow-up on practice learning

Networking courses

Your participation will include four annual meetings for two years.

Every meeting is professionally facilitated.  


First year, 10:00-17:00

  • August 22, 2024
  • November 13, 2024
  • February 18, 2025
  • May 14, 2025

Second year, 10:00-17:00

  • August 19, 2025
  • November 04, 2025
  • February 04, 2025
  • May 19, 2025


The price for the entire course, including catering and materials; including Per Eeg's book 'Leadership in the digital jungle' is 39,900, - excl. 

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What is discussed at the executive network?

As a member, you are continuously involved in designing and co-creating the course. We make sure to have all the most important topics tailored and prepared, but the group continuously selects and prioritizes topics for the next 6-12 months.

What we at LEAD are particularly concerned with at the moment, and what we hear from both customers and partners, are questions like.

  • How do we create a digital culture and mindset in our organization?
  • How do we support innovation and learning in a digital context?
  • How do we as leaders create confidence in change and implementation of digital transformation?
  • How do we ensure employee digital skills and well-being during a digital transformation?
  • How do we collaborate across disciplines, departments, organizations and sectors?
  • How do we involve citizens and users in the development of digital solutions?
  • How do we deal with resistance and change management in digitalization?
  • How do we best and safely harness the potential of artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging technologies?
  • How do we measure and evaluate the effects and results of digitalization?
  • How do we address the ethical and legal dilemmas and challenges that arise with digitalization?
  • How do we address the digital divides and inequalities that can arise from digitalization - both for citizens and employees?
  • How do we ensure sustainability and social responsibility in digitalization?

As a participant, you will be regularly asked what you are interested in, so we can always talk about the topics that are most relevant to the group. Each meeting will therefore function as a management laboratory (or playground), where we use a highly topical theme with a leading profile in the field to explore the status, challenges and solutions in the latest research and practices (knowledge). From there, we do the same based on both your reality (reflection) and that of your fellow participants across the public sector (mobilization).

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