Authorized occupational health and safety advisor

LEAD is an authorized occupational health and safety consultant with expertise in the psychosocial area. We can therefore provide professional advice and implement tailored solutions if you have received an order from the Danish Working Environment Authority or if you want to improve your psychological work environment.

Authorization is the Danish Working Environment Authority's recognition that we meet certain requirements and standards set by the Danish Working Environment Authority. These requirements and standards are about our competencies and relevant experience and are the Danish Working Environment Authority's seal of approval that we have the high quality required to provide complex advice.

Why use a certified occupational health and safety advisor?

When private companies or public organizations face challenging and difficult situations, it can be difficult to find the right solutions internally. These situations can range from complex legal requirements to unforeseen health and safety issues that require specialized knowledge and expertise. In such cases, an external occupational health and safety advisor from an authorized consultancy may be necessary.

If you have been ordered to investigate the psychological work environment, it is also a requirement that you choose an authorized consultancy to help you manage and prevent the work environment challenges that have been identified. This is the Danish Working Environment Authority's way of ensuring that you can rest assured that you have the expertise and support to deal with these issues in a fair, professional and thorough manner.

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Two of the most common orders that require the guidance of a licensed occupational health and safety advisor in the psychosocial field are:

Investigation orders

If the Danish Working Environment Authority has a concrete suspicion that working conditions are not safe and healthy, you may receive an investigation order. The order requires you to conduct investigations, take samples or carry out inspections to ensure that the working conditions are acceptable. The investigations must be carried out by an authorized psychosocial consultancy.

Advice requirement

The advisory order is issued to companies and organizations that have complex or serious health and safety issues that are difficult to address. Receiving an advisory order means that you must seek help from an authorized consultancy to tackle and prevent the specific health and safety issue covered by the order.

LEAD's approach as an authorized occupational health and safety advisor

As an authorized occupational health and safety consultant in the psychosocial field, we focus on promoting a healthy and happy work environment. We specialize in identifying and solving challenges related to employees' psychological and social well-being. Our goal is to create a work culture that increases well-being, productivity and job satisfaction.

We therefore advise on psychosocial work environment surveys and help solve problems such as bullying, sexual harassment, stress, high and unclear demands, violence and threats.




LEAD's approach to the psychosocial work environment

LEAD's approach to the psychosocial work environment is characterized by proactivity, tailored solutions and a holistic approach to create a healthy and safe work environment.

 You can therefore expect:


You get access to expert knowledge and experience in the field of occupational health and safety. This ensures high quality.


We understand the legislation in this area and ensure that the decisions and changes you make are compliant, minimizing the risk of fines and criminal liability.

Quality assurance

The authorization from the Danish Working Environment Authority is a seal of quality that guarantees that the advice provided meets high standards and requirements. You are therefore assured of professional and reliable assistance.

Prevention and risk management

We can help identify and manage risks and issues in a proactive way. This prevents work-related stress, dissatisfaction and mental health challenges.

For example, here's how we can help

Initial screening

We can carry out an initial screening of the situation in your organization. By going through the screening before an inspection, you'll be in a strong position in the meeting with the Danish Working Environment Authority because you'll get an overview of the work environment and can address any shortcomings before the inspection.


All companies with employees must conduct a workplace assessment (WPA). The assessment is an important tool in the organization's efforts to promote a healthy and safe work environment. LEAD can help you identify and assess the risks in your work environment, identify areas where action is needed and create an action plan to improve the work environment.

Services at different levels

Problems in the work environment can be related to all levels of the organization. To ensure a thorough solution, we advise at the individual, group, management and organizational levels. Depending on the situation in your organization, we focus our efforts on one or more of these levels.

Developing courses

Working with LEAD and the work environment in your organization begins with an initial conversation. The goal is to give us an in-depth understanding of your situation so we can design the right solution to meet your challenges. After the conversation, we prepare a thorough analysis, which we use in collaboration with your organization's management to define and design the final process.

We then usually conduct structured conversations with a number of employees in different parts of your organization to uncover the various psychosocial challenges. These conversations provide a psychological and neutral space where it is possible to talk about and receive feedback on the specific challenges.

The results of these conversations are integrated into the analysis and form the basis for the subsequent actions. LEAD then presents the final analysis and recommendations for necessary actions and next steps, which are decided in collaboration with the management of your organization.

Actions and initiatives can include research-based workshops and thematic meetings that aim to strengthen collaboration and cultural community. These activities facilitate dialog and meetings that promote shared understanding and a safe, motivating environment to foster a positive and empowered work culture. However, interventions can also include individual conversations, group discussions, facilitated dialog, exercises, presentations, working with tools and models, sparring, coaching and conflict mediation.

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