Versatile management

What is versatile leadership?

Many leaders tend to favor a particular leadership style, which can result in a one-sided and unbalanced approach. However, the complex business world requires leaders to constantly adapt, change direction and integrate different, often conflicting, leadership styles to achieve success.

Versatile leadership represents a more flexible, situational and effective form of leadership. A versatile leader is able to balance both the empowering and supportive leadership style as well as the strategic and operational leadership style - and research shows that versatile leaders are more effective. We help leaders develop their versatility so they can act more balanced and effective in their role.

Challenges for leaders don't only come from areas that require development. Strengths can also become weaknesses when overused. A balanced approach helps leaders understand when they have crossed this line. It also gives leaders insight into what they are doing right - and what they need to improve to become better leaders. This gives you direct feedback on the following four aspects of a manager's leadership style:

  • Empowering leadership style: The leader must be able to step in and take charge, provide the necessary feedback and hold people accountable when needed.
  • Supportive leadership style: At the same time, the leader must be able to step back and show trust, empower and create opportunities for others to contribute where the solution is not readily apparent.
  • Strategic leadership style: The leader must be able to prepare the organization for the future by setting direction, supporting innovative solutions and creating long-term growth.
  • Operational leadership style: At the same time, the manager must also have order in processes and organization and be able to focus on the short-term results that are created in everyday life through execution and efficient workflows.

Why should you be versatile as a leader?

Becoming more versatile as a leader is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, in an ever-changing world, leaders need to be able to adapt to different situations, business environments and employee needs. A versatile leader is flexible and can effectively navigate complexity, manage change and drive innovation.

Furthermore, leadership versatility is necessary to balance conflicting demands and expectations. Leaders often have to balance the need to be decisive with the need to be responsive, or the need to think strategically with the need to focus on operational details. Versatility in leadership helps managers balance these different demands and perform their work effectively.

Finally, versatility contributes to a leader's personal growth and development. By developing a wide range of leadership skills and styles, leaders become more competent, confident and ready to tackle any challenge they face.

Striving to become a more versatile leader is therefore an important investment, not only for the leader's own career, but also for the success of the organization.

How do we work with versatile leadership at LEAD?

At LEAD, we use the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) as a fundamental method for developing and improving versatile leaders. The LVI is an in-depth and evidence-based tool that measures a leader's ability to balance seemingly contradictory leadership behaviors - such as being assertive yet responsive, or being strategic yet operational.

Our approach with LVI starts with a comprehensive 360-degree assessment where both the manager and employees evaluate the manager's current behavior and performance. This evaluation gives us an in-depth understanding of where the manager is strong and where there is room for improvement.

With LVI's specific feedback, we can target our coaching and development efforts to help the leader achieve a better balance between different leadership styles. The ultimate goal is to enable the leader to switch between different leadership styles, depending on the situation, and thus be a more effective and versatile leader.

At LEAD, we believe that a versatile leader is an effective leader. That's why we work hard to develop the leader's versatility through our in-depth and personalized approach, supported by the LVI methodology.

What does an LVI report look like?

A simple model of the complexity of leadership

In a recent study, managers were rated twice on the same behavior - once with a five-point scale and once with the too little/too much scale. Almost a third of the fives turned out to actually mean "too much"!

A more usable scale

The too little/too much scale shows leaders the difference between their strengths and their overplayed strengths. In addition, it also shows which areas they could improve to become even more effective.

The feedback contained in the LVI is clear and actionable. It allows the manager and coach to get straight to work and make the adjustments that are guaranteed to make a difference.

You don't have to guess

The Too Little/Too Much scale takes the guesswork out of leadership development. No more wondering what to do with a score of 3.75. The manager gets clear feedback on what needs to be turned up or down to create the perfect balance.

Good advice - no prejudices

LVI bypasses the superficial question of what a manager does well or poorly. Instead, it focuses on what specific adjustments the leader can make to be even more effective. Feedback is presented not as a grade or evaluation, but as behaviors and skills to be learned, refined and applied.

You can read an example of a full report via the link below:

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