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LEAD Insights

LEAD Insights_May 2024

Leadership and strategy development in a changing world - May 2024

You often hear that the world is changing and that change is happening faster than ever before. Small, medium and big changes alike.

When it's the experience and the story, how do we anchor the present and create something lasting? Well, we do that with the right kind of leadership and strategy development. Only by ensuring that our leaders have the right skills and that our strategies embrace the speed of change can we ensure continued growth in a changing world.

That's why the theme for May's LEAD Insights is leadership and strategy development.

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LEAD Insights - The Attractive Workplace

The Attractive Workplace - April 2024

How do we design workplaces that are attractive enough to attract and retain talented employees in a time when competition for employees is fierce? That's the theme of this first issue of LEAD Insights magazine.

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Podcast, Distributed leadership, Kim Martin Nielsen
Leadership development

Distributed leadership

An expert panel of two consultants and a school principal delves into the importance and value of distributed leadership. What do you need to pay special attention to? When will it go wrong if you're not? What are the first steps to getting started with distributed leadership?

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Leadership in the digital jungle

Many managers struggle with the management of digitalization. They see it as a technical discipline that is poorly connected to their day-to-day professional management.

With the book "Leadership in the Digital Jungle", Per Eeg wants to help these leaders move forward - and guide them to find their own way through the digital jungle of opportunities and challenges.

The book is especially aimed at managers in the public sector who are looking for an accessible and understandable handbook to help them manage digitalization.
You may experience uncertainty as you move into the digital jungle. This could be due to a lack of knowledge or a misunderstood and difficult technical language that monopolizes knowledge in the IT department and at the supplier.

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Anyone home in the strategy house?

How do the four core concepts of mission, vision, values and strategies become real and visibly linked navigation tools for your organization - rather than just airy management lingo on coffee cups and websites?

There has been no Danish book that answers this question - until now.

In this book, management consultant Christian Nyvang Qvick presents the 'strategy house'. It is a simple and systematic method for working coherently with mission, vision, values and strategies.

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Hybrid ways of working

These are exciting and challenging times for organizations. Fundamental questions about how we design our everyday and working lives are being asked by both managers and employees. This applies to key themes such as individual freedom, autonomy, productivity, flexibility, community, well-being, health and the understanding of 'a job'. Hybrid Work presents key challenges and offers concrete suggestions on how to best manage hybrid and distributed workforces.

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Organizational leadership

Team-based organizations in practice

In "Teambased organizations in practice", Thorkil Molly Søholm explains theoretically, methodically and through illustrative cases how teams develop, how managers can best work with active team management and team coaching.

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Organizational development

Team - development and learning

Teamwork is the attempt by organizations to strengthen the development of professional and personal potentials and competencies. The book aims to answer how team development and learning can be successful, such as whether sport is an appropriate metaphor to promote team development and learning and understanding of collaboration, and whether teams in the workplace can create new narratives about how employees view collaboration and mutual development.

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Systemic leadership

"Systemic Leadership - Theory and Practice" consists of four main parts that provide a thorough and nuanced introduction to systemic leadership with both theoretical and practical perspectives. The four parts cover: The theoretical basis of systemic leadership, Leading through language, Managing organizational processes and Branching out into the systemic landscape.

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Reports and reviews

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Review - resilience and learning

The following excerpt is from the review: "This review of selected research and practice-oriented literature provides an overview of the field of learning and resilience with the goal of

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