LEAD's core story

LEAD's core narrative describes LEAD's purpose, vision and values and answers a number of key questions:

What value is LEAD fundamentally designed to create? Where do we want to go with LEAD and what do we particularly want to succeed with towards 2030? What behaviors do we want people in LEAD to exhibit and what should shape the organizational culture in LEAD?

These questions answer our basic narrative.

LEAD's core narrative serves as a compass for our organization and presents our purpose, vision and values.

The purpose embodies LEAD's point of view. It describes the deeper meaning of the work we do and makes it clear what we all share in common to contribute to. 

The vision sets the direction for LEAD's development. It describes the improvements we strive to achieve, the future dreams we want to realize and the stories we aim to create about LEAD towards 2030.

The values establish the organizational cornerstones that set the framework for desired and undesired behavior when working at LEAD. In short, the values act as the glue that binds us together by creating a common language for what behavior we commit ourselves to and what we can legitimately expect from each other.  

Read our basic story - and get to know LEAD even better.