Value-based leadership

What is value-based management?

Values-based leadership is an approach to leadership that is about defining, understanding and acting in accordance with the core values that are fundamental to an organization or individual. It is not just a management strategy, but a philosophy that seeks to create meaning, direction and a strong foundation for decision-making.

At the core of values-based leadership are the values themselves - the principles or beliefs that drive our actions and behaviors. These values are often universal, such as integrity, respect, accountability or fairness, but can also be specific to an organization or culture. What's important is that these values are clear, understood by everyone, and are clearly present in the organization's activities and decisions.

A values-based leader is not only guided by the values, but also seeks to inspire and promote these values in others. This is done through role modeling - putting the values into practice through their own behavior, and through communication and reward - explaining and acknowledging the values in their interactions with others.

Values-based leadership can help create a strong culture where everyone shares a common understanding and direction. It can also help navigate difficult times or decisions by providing a clear basis for determining what the "right" thing to do is.

Finally, values-based leadership can promote trust, engagement and satisfaction among employees. When people feel that their work is meaningful and that their leaders act in accordance with their values, they are more likely to be motivated, engaged and satisfied with their work.

Why should you work with value-based management?

Values-based leadership is a crucial approach for any leader who wants to create strong, engaged and effective teams. This is because it sets a solid foundation for decision-making, provides clear direction for employees and promotes a positive and cohesive organizational culture.

First and foremost, values-based leadership acts as a compass for the leader. By having a clearly defined set of values, leaders can make consistent and ethically sound decisions that can navigate the organization through both day-to-day challenges and more complex business issues.

Furthermore, values-based leadership creates a shared direction and purpose for everyone in the organization. Employees understand not only what they should do, but why it's important. This boosts their engagement and motivation as they can see how their work contributes to the overall goals and values of the organization.

Values-based leadership is also essential for creating and maintaining a strong organizational culture. Values act as the glue that binds the organization together, creating a shared identity and ensuring everyone is on the same page. A strong culture is essential for attracting and retaining talent, and values-based leadership is at the heart of creating this environment.

Finally, values-based management can strengthen an organization's reputation and relationships with external stakeholders. When an organization demonstrates that it lives up to its values, it increases its credibility and trust in society, with customers and with partners.

As such, values-based leadership isn't just important - it's essential for any leader who wants to create a strong, successful and sustainable organization.

LEAD's approach to value-based management in your organization

At LEAD, we understand the importance of values-based leadership and the transformative effect it can have on organizations. Our approach is both holistic and tailored, extending from the top layers of management to individual team members to ensure that values permeate all levels of the organization.

Our first step is often to help organizations clarify and define their core values. We facilitate in-depth workshops and dialogues where we explore what the organization stands for and how these values can be translated into concrete behaviours and actions.

Once the values are defined, we work with leaders to integrate them into their leadership style. We provide coaching, training and resources to support leaders in applying the values in their decision-making, communication and leadership. This can include developing specific leadership competencies, such as empathy, authenticity and resilience, which are often key elements of values-based leadership.

While we support leaders, we also work with teams and employees to ensure the values live in the organization as a whole. This can involve team building activities, development programs and workshops that help employees understand and connect with the organization's values.

Finally, we assist the organization in developing and implementing processes and systems that support value-based management. This can include everything from reward and recognition, performance measurement, to feedback mechanisms and policies.

By taking this integrated and tailored approach, LEAD helps organizations embrace values-based leadership, creating stronger, more engaged teams and a more robust and authentic organizational culture.

How we can help you

We offer you management and organizational sparring, research-based training and presentations on value-based management as well as training courses with a specific focus on giving you and your organization general management skills. Read examples of our services here.


Inspiring research-based presentations on values-based leadership for all levels of your organization


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Facilitation of active workshops focusing on competence development at management and executive level.

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