The art of implementation

Call us when your implementation needs inspiration, to be challenged through consulting, to be pushed further or to get off to a good start through staffing.

What is LEAD's unique approach to implementation?

With LEAD as your implementation partner, you will have access to consultants specializing in each of the three areas, and the approaches can be seamlessly combined between the three levels according to your needs.


Building general implementation skills ("We teach you how to implement")


Consulting and everyday implementation ("We implement with you and train you to do it yourself")


Staffing process in your practice ("We implement for you and train you to implement")

Implementation management that turns intention into impact

To implement is to realize an idea. Living an ambition. Turning a New Year's resolution into actual weight loss. Simply doing what you say you're going to do. It's not easy on a personal level - and in an organizational context, it's often downright difficult.

Here, more people have to do what others have thought. Not just use a new IT system, but relate to it, get to know it, use the new possibilities and abandon old workflows. Implementation follows on the heels of change as the extra effort to ensure that the new features are embedded in everyday life.

It's difficult, but good to master. Change is a constant in Danish organizations. Most of us know this. We may be doing basically the same thing year after year - the core task may be stable over time. But! It requires continuous movement technologically, professionally and in terms of resources to continue to solve it. We need to work in new ways with new people and new tools. Sometimes with little information about why.

Strategic, cross-functional or in-depth changes will often be the most important for an organization, but also the most difficult to implement. Many links in the management chain need to be coordinated up, down and across. It's up to you and your colleagues to translate good intentions into new actual behavior and relationships. This is difficult, partly because management's focus can quickly move on to the next project and the next initiative. Implementation lags and the benefits are not realized.

Often, employees are not helped by these structures. While both development and operational tasks are clearly placed, there is often a lack of a function responsible for connecting the two.

In short, in a typical Danish workplace, there is a massive need for implementation management that turns intention into effect. Perhaps yours too? This is where LEAD can help.

Four approaches

We use four main implementation approaches that can be applied depending on your situation:

Do it yourself

Organizations can and must change quickly in response to new demands and changes.

Take it yourself

The organization is empowered to execute the change with some freedom.

Close to

The organization is helped all the way through a complex process.


The path through change is found together and developed along the way.

The best implementation for you

By combining the three levels of implementation assistance and our four implementation approaches, LEAD can help with exactly the type of implementation you need - and to the extent necessary.

In addition, our implementation consultants will be able to draw on colleagues with a broad spectrum of competencies within organizational and leadership development and LEAD's deep experience in consulting from the CEO level down. This provides a holistic approach where you don't buy one consultant, but a whole house. We can move through the entire management chain, from strategic sparring, management team development and sparring to concrete operational change management at employee level.

What's in it for you?

Implementation initiatives will usually be handled as projects, where the effort often stops with the delivery of a concrete product. The responsibility for realizing the actual effect in the base organization is not taken into account. In LEAD, you have a partner with an eye for the full implementation task all the way to the actual goal.

LEAD is not a project house, even though we have the project competencies in-house, but a management and organizational house with a focus on impact rather than deliverables - i.e. not just completed implementation, but completed impact. We can help with all aspects of the process and challenge you on organizational issues outside of the implementation itself that stand in the way of a sustainable anchoring. At the same time, we are committed to leaving the organization with more skills than it had when we came on board.

You're not buying one consultant, but a full-scale management and organization house that can deliver exactly what you need in terms of scope and approach. The service can range from raising the organization's own competency level to executive staffing. We clarify the level together and you will find that LEAD's help is not limited by fixed formats. You will receive high-quality, sustainable and sustainable services that can be measured against the expected impact of each implementation.

For all implementation tasks, we agree on specific organizational goals, ambitions and desired impact to help you assess whether the effort has been worth the investment.


We teach you how to implement

We offer you management and organizational sparring, research-based training and presentations on implementation as well as training courses with a specific focus on giving you and your organization general implementation skills. Read examples of our services here.


Inspiring research-based presentations on implementation and implementation management for all levels of your organization


Sparring in the development and implementation of your decisions and initiatives.


Facilitation of active implementation workshops with a focus on competence development at management and employee level.

Education and training

LEAD's implementation training (which can also be hosted on your premises).

  • Vision management
  • Implementation training

Vision management

  • Have created an overall direction for the organization
  • Have clarified what is the extraordinary thing you will strive to achieve in 3-10 years
  • Have a common starting point for setting goals and prioritizing strategic initiatives

Vision leadership is when you articulate, communicate and sustain a vision for your organization to create a clear and meaningful direction that your employees are motivated to contribute to. A vision is your organization's picture of a desirable, long-term future.

Leading with a vision can be challenging. Some of the questions we can help you with include

  • How can you successfully articulate an inspiring and appealing vision for your organization?
  • What do you need to be aware of when designing an inclusive visioning process that gives broad ownership of the vision?
  • How do you ensure that the vision doesn't end up as an airy PR platitude, but instead becomes a direction-setting guiding star for your organization?
  • What do you need to be aware of when ensuring that the vision is linked to the day-to-day operations of your organization?
  • How can you support and motivate your managers and employees to continuously work with you to realize your organization's vision?
  • Consulting and sparring in the development and implementation of visions
  • Presentations and workshops on vision management
  • Facilitation of vision processes - from small processes for a management team to large processes involving hundreds of employees, citizens, partners, etc.

Want to talk to us about how you can work with vision management?

Then you are more than welcome to contact Christian Nyvang Qvick, Senior Consultant.

Consulting & everyday implementation with you

We implement with you and train you to do it yourself.

Everyday implementation is a research-based method where employees and managers acquire new skills and abilities and apply them in their daily work to manage external change. The method makes it practical for individual employees and managers to take charge of the changes themselves - for example, by implementing new workflows.

Behavioral and attitudinal changes

Culture and barrier analysis

Transformation plan



We implement for you

Onsite implementation and project competencies, where a LEAD consultant is present in your organization for a period of time to help execute a specific implementation or project.

At LEAD, we can help your organization solve acute implementation and project management challenges or manage planned change projects by placing a consultant onsite for a period of time. We call this LEAD onsite implementation management.

Anyone who has been faced with a large or complex project knows that it can be a daunting task - and that it can be difficult to manage the impact the change will have on the people who make up the organization. This is where an experienced implementation consultant from LEAD can be the extra gear that, together with good internal forces, ensures that well-intentioned initiatives centrally in the organization are also anchored in the everyday lives of the employees who actually have to do something differently than they usually do.

The consultant's presence will depend on the nature of the task, but it should be at a level where it is possible to build the necessary relationships and follow through with the effort. Typically, the temporary addition of specific skills will be used to analyze the problem, develop the most relevant solution model and build an organization that can execute the implementation with the least possible resources. This is followed by the actual implementation process, where the consultant will often be tasked with overseeing the process, leading and distributing the work of the project team and keeping management informed along the way.


Involve stakeholders
Clarify the task
Align the approach
Set the team
Assign tasks
Schedule activities
Visualize the process


Stakeholder engagement
Activities are implemented
Approach is adjusted
Feedback is managed
Project team is led
Management is involved

Transition to operation

Stakeholders are involved
Permanent roles and responsibilities are aligned and assigned
The initiative is implemented - and possibly evaluated
The effect is reaped

Implementation is not a desk job.

However, the most important task will be to ensure that all relevant parties are involved and equipped to understand the change they are facing - and what is required of them. This means that a large part of the LEAD consultant's job will be to act as a liaison inside and outside the organization. Implementation is not a desk job.

We typically come into the implementation and projects when you have a temporary need for close-to-implementation skills that are not relevant to hire permanently in your own organization.

Need for implementation

The situation can also simply be that a project manager has too much to do or needs to be supplemented by dedicated implementation skills.

Perhaps you are already on an organizational development program with LEAD and want to ensure that initiatives are anchored in daily practice

Perhaps you need support to create an implementation culture in your organization, where we together develop and implement an implementation office that helps the organization develop implementation competencies. For example, an implementation office that can support managers and employees onsite with their implementation process, as well as work across the organization in relation to continuing education in implementation.

It may also be that you need to supplement with experienced forces here and now to steer through a challenging process - such as strategy implementation, implementation of new workflows, special cross-cutting challenges, a desire for greater impact in initiatives, crisis management, mergers, or the launch of key initiatives.

LEAD's implementation consultants

Bringing in an external consultant is a very effective way to temporarily add extra power to your organization. An experienced and compliant workforce that doesn't have to spend time on outside activities will very quickly be able to help create momentum - taking into account the starting point of the organization and employees, of course. There will always be an intrinsic value in the fact that the consultant is external. When you come from the outside, you are not part of the change and positioning that takes place in all organizations at any given time. You are an ambassador for the good solution and can take an interest in issues that the internal employee may find difficult to point out

This position on the sidelines of the organization can be an advantage in an implementation context, because it can give the external consultant a special mandate to move into all parts of the organizational chart without being bound by the usual reference relationships. And this is a favourable starting point for monitoring the implementation very closely from the inside to the outside of the organization. Therefore, the starting point in LEAD's implementation management is that we are not the usual project managers, but rather implementation managers who work across the organization. Implementation tasks are about the big picture, but also the devil is in the details. From ensuring thorough decision presentations to top management to making sure that someone has remembered to order croissants for the next kickoff meeting.

So: If you and your organization are facing an implementation, you may want to consider using LEAD's onsite implementation consultants. We are specialists who, in collaboration with existing teams, work towards effective and efficient solutions. LEAD sends you highly skilled and experienced people who have successfully solved similar challenges. Our implementation consultants are skilled at working faithfully with intent, involving and engaging colleagues in the implementation process.

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