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We can tailor exactly the course you need, and we have gathered Denmark's most talented specialists. Read more about our tailor-made courses in organizational and leadership development. 


We can tailor exactly the course you need, and we have gathered Denmark's most talented specialists. Read more about our tailor-made courses in organizational and leadership development. 


For the first time, we're offering networks for leaders in the public sector. Claus Elmholdt and Kristian Dahl have designed 4 brand new networks that you can apply for now. Read more about our networks. 

The country's leading specialists and management consultants

LEAD has gathered some of the country's most talented specialists and consultants within leadership and organizational development. This means that whether you participate in our education/courses, networks or take part in a longer consultancy or development process, you can expect the absolute best quality on the market.

We have been the preferred partner for top executives since 2013 and are responsible for top management programs and leadership development programs in a number of the country's largest private companies as well as in the Danish State, the Danish Association of Local Authorities and the Danish Regions.

We are also one of the leading knowledge houses and regularly publish new books and articles in the field of leadership and organizational development. Our books include 'Vision Leadership', 'The New Synthesis' and 'Leadership Pipeline in the Public Sector'.

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How we create value for our customers

LEAD has been the preferred partner of top executives for the past 10 years and we work with both private and public organizations at all levels of management. 

We work with both private companies and public organizations, and have, for example, been a close partner for one of Denmark's largest private healthcare companies, Aleris Hamlet (see case in the video below). We have also completed major development projects with clients such as Nykredit, GroupM, Ørsted, Coop and many others.

Every year, we run some of Denmark's largest leadership programs, such as Talent Nord, which involves over 200 leaders across the North Denmark Region, or Kalundborg Municipality, which also involved 200 leaders (see case in the video below). 

Below you can hear Adm. CEO of Aleris, Michael Gram Kirkegaard and Head of Roads and Property, Lone Himmelstrup, talk about our collaboration.

Upgrade your skills with the country's best teachers

LEAD has been the preferred partner of top executives for the past 10 years and we work with both private and public organizations at all levels of management. 

Our specialists are some of Denmark's leading experts in their field, and we always make sure to base our courses and programs on the latest research and knowledge in the field. We collaborate with, among others, Crown Prince Frederik's Center for Public Management and the Danish Association of Local Authorities in the creation of our education and courses.  

Get directly applicable tools for your leadership practice

We'll make sure you're equipped with tools that are directly applicable to your daily practice, so you can make a difference from day one. We can also connect you with a consultant who can help you implement your new tools.

The basic narrative in LEAD

LEAD's core narrative describes LEAD's purpose, vision and values and answers a number of key questions:

What value is LEAD fundamentally designed to create? Where do we want to go with LEAD and what do we particularly want to succeed with towards 2030? What behavior do we want people in LEAD to exhibit and what should shape the organizational culture in LEAD? Get the answers to all these questions in our core story, which you can find here.

Become a free member

Join the LEAD Society and participate in free webinars, seminars and get all the latest articles on leadership research.


Join our network for public sector leaders

Claus Elmholdt and Kristian Dahl have designed a brand new networking program for strategic leaders in the public sector.

The network offers a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges that characterize leadership in the public sector and equips you with useful tools to deal with the challenges you face in your everyday life. The network also offers a safe learning environment as a breeding ground for and by cultivating good sparring relationships between members.

The network is designed and managed by the country's two leading top management consultants Claus Elmholdt and Kristian Dahl, who are behind the top management programs in the Danish State, Local Government Denmark and the Regions. 

We have now opened 4 new networks for public sector leaders in Aarhus and Copenhagen. You can read more about the networks or apply for participation here. 

How to successfully move from strategy to implementation

Get a free e-book on implementing strategy, policies and projects in the public sector.

ebook implant stairs

Strategic, cross-functional or in-depth changes will often be the most important for an organization, but also the most difficult to implement. Many links in the management chain need to be coordinated up, down and across. It's up to you and your colleagues to translate good intentions into new behaviors and relationships. This is difficult, partly because management's focus can quickly move on to the next project and the next initiative. Implementation lags and the benefits are not realized. The implementation staircase is one of the tools we teach and which you can benefit from using. 

ebook implant stairs

Get better results with professional tools

Get certified in using our professional tools to develop employees, managers and leadership teams

Wellbeing and motivation

With Beaconforce as a tool, you get daily insights into your employees' wellbeing and engagement - and the ability to act on that data.

360 degree profile test

LVI is a professional tool built around a patented rating scale. With this scale, you can quickly distinguish your strengths from your overplayed strengths and adapt your management style to appeal to different types of employees.  

Effective management teams

With Effect as your tool, you get the only research-based leadership team profile on the market.

Effect ensures that you can take action exactly where it adds the most value for your management team. 

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Knowledge universe

We take pride in being first-movers. We are driven to create new practical knowledge that can solve societal and organizational challenges and help translate that knowledge into better leadership and better organizations.

Leadership Pipeline

Management psychology

Effective Leadership Teams

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