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Authorized occupational health and safety advisor

LEAD is an authorized occupational health and safety consultant with expertise in the psychosocial field. We can provide professional advice and implement tailored solutions if you have received an order from the Danish Working Environment Authority or want to improve your psychological work environment.

Consulting services

Our many specialized consultants want to help you develop even better leadership and organizations. Learn more about our consulting services and what a collaboration with LEAD can look like.

Training, courses & conferences

We offer leadership training, courses in psychological work environment and process consultation and certifications in profile tools that can enhance your skills - and your organization.


Become part of strong networks. The networks focus on developing your leadership skills - together with other top leaders and some of Denmark's best trainers.

Top professional specialists and management consultants

LEAD employs some of the country's most specialized consultants within leadership and organizational development. This means that whether we solve projects in collaboration with you, or whether you participate in our training courses, networks or longer advisory and development processes, you will experience top professional quality.

We work with top executives, managers and development consultants in a number of Denmark's municipalities, regions, government agencies and leading private companies.

We are also an ambitious knowledge hub that works with both well-known and new subject areas, seeking, producing and disseminating leading knowledge. The aim is to translate research-based knowledge and experience of what works into solutions close to practice.

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How we create value for you

We work in strong partnerships with our customers and partners. Our desire is - perhaps unconventionally - to build the capacity of those we work with so that we eventually make ourselves redundant.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and design all development processes in close collaboration with them, so that the processes are closely linked to all aspects that are relevant to their organization.

Our key competence is to base our advice and tools on research-based disciplines and methods to ensure that they work. We are also experts in carrying out the subsequent implementation and ensuring that your collaboration with us results in a visible and tangible impact.

Below you can hear CEO of Aleris, Michael Gram Kirkegaard, and Head of Roads, Property and Waste in Kalundborg Municipality, Lone Himmelstrup, talk about their collaboration with LEAD.

Upgrade your skills with experienced and charismatic trainers

Our trainers combine deep academic knowledge with extensive practical experience in their field. And they take pride in teaching and inspiring participants with thought and action tools for their practice.

Our courses are always based on a mix of new, leading research and practical knowledge in the field.

We collaborate with Børsen, Aarhus University's Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Management and the Danish Association of Local Authorities to develop our courses and programs. 

The basic narrative in LEAD

LEAD's core narrative describes LEAD's purpose, vision and values and answers a number of key questions:

What value is LEAD fundamentally designed to create? Where do we want to go with LEAD and what do we particularly want to succeed with towards 2030? What behavior do we want people in LEAD to exhibit and what should shape the organizational culture in LEAD? Get the answers to all these questions in our core story, which you can find here.


Become part of our strong network for senior leaders

If you're a senior manager looking for a strong network characterized by confidentiality, knowledge sharing and in-depth presentations, we may have the solution.  

We offer you the opportunity to become part of LEAD's network for top managers. The network extends over three years and focuses on developing your leadership skills - together with other top executives and some of Denmark's best teachers within leadership and organizational development.

The network provides a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges that characterize top management in Denmark and gives you useful tools to handle the tasks and complexity you face on a daily basis.

The network takes place in a safe learning environment that provides the opportunity to form and cultivate good relationships between members. 

Get better results with professional profile tools

Get certified in using our professional profiling tools to develop employees, managers and leadership teams

360 degree profile tool

The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is based on a patented rating scale. With the scale, you can quickly distinguish your strengths from your overplayed strengths and adapt your leadership style to appeal to different types of employees.  

Effective management teams

With Effect, you get the only research-based leadership team profiling tool on the market.

Effect ensures that you can take action exactly where it adds the most value to your management team. 

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Knowledge universe

Innovative knowledge developers and practical subject matter experts. That's how we think about knowledge. This means that we seek out, produce and disseminate new and leading knowledge that combines research-based professionalism with our practical experience of what works when "reality hits".   

Leadership Pipeline

Management psychology

Effective Leadership Teams

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