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LEAD Insights_May 2024

Leadership and strategy development in a changing world - May 2024

You often hear that the world is changing and that change is happening faster than ever before. Small, medium and big changes alike.

When it's the experience and the story, how do we anchor the present and create something lasting? Well, we do that with the right kind of leadership and strategy development. Only by ensuring that our leaders have the right skills and that our strategies embrace the speed of change can we ensure continued growth in a changing world.

That's why the theme for May's LEAD Insights is leadership and strategy development.

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LEAD Insights - The Attractive Workplace

The Attractive Workplace - April 2024

How do we design workplaces that are attractive enough to attract and retain talented employees in a time when competition for employees is fierce? That's the theme of this first issue of LEAD Insights magazine.

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LEAD's digital magazine

LEAD's digital magazine 'LEAD Insights' is published once a month and is aimed at you who are a manager, specialist or consultant and deal with management and organizational development. 

The magazine's topics can be, for example, the attractive workplace, psychological work environment and well-being, management of digitalization, management and organizational development, new forms of organization, implementation and strategy development.

With the magazine, you get knowledge and inspiration on how to strengthen your work with leadership and organizational development in the public and private sectors in Denmark. The goal is that together we can make a difference for others and for the society we are all a part of.

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