What is onboarding?

The onboarding period is a transitional phase where new hires move from one state to another. The job, role, culture, colleagues and workplace are changing, and they need help. Good onboarding concentrates on managing the process that the new hire moves through: from signing the contract to the first day of work and through the initial months in the new job. 

Managing that process is all about how the new hire works: 

  • Experience the organization's culture 
  • Creating the relevant relationships 
  • Meet realistic and challenging expectations for responsibility, effort and results 
  • Being welcomed and being in control of both the tangible things (phone, computer, office space, etc.) and the intangibles (like communication and collaboration). 


The benefits of onboarding with LEAD

A carefully designed onboarding process brings a number of key benefits for both companies and new hires. First and foremost, structured onboarding enables a smooth integration of new employees into the company's culture, values and work processes. This leads to increased job satisfaction and reduced stress as new hires feel welcomed and informed from the start.

An effective onboarding process also accelerates employee productivity. By providing clear guidelines and training on job tasks, new hires can start contributing to company goals faster. This leads to a shorter onboarding period and a more efficient workforce.

Furthermore, a good onboarding process can help build long-lasting relationships between the company and new hires. By providing opportunities for interaction and collaboration with colleagues, mentors and managers, new hires build relationships that can support their professional development and growth within the organization. This strengthens employee loyalty and reduces turnover.

Finally, a solid onboarding experience helps to boost your company's reputation. If new hires have a positive experience of their first time at the company, they are likely to share this positive experience with their network. This can attract top-quality candidates and position the company as an attractive employer.

In short, a well-structured onboarding process helps companies achieve increased productivity, improved employee retention, strengthened company culture and positive public perception. It's an investment in the future success of both employees and the company.

Onboarding and the attractive workplace

In the attractive workplace, onboarding has an impact on recruitment, retention and development and means more than the first three to six months on the job, which is often dedicated to an onboarding process. 

We have extensive experience working with public and private organizations on their narrow and broader onboarding efforts. We use this experience and knowledge to help you with your challenges in the best possible way. 

Onboarding is a management task

If you want to get serious about onboarding, our recommendation is that you consider it both an HR and a management task.  

The onboarding process is about more than just well-planned meetings and tasks. New hires need to feel included and that their skills are being used to support the organization in delivering on its strategy and achieving its goals. 

It requires a mandate from management, which is why managers have a huge responsibility when the organization welcomes new hires. This responsibility tends to disappear because in many organizations, the HR department creates beautiful, sensible and well-functioning onboarding programs that introduce new hires to the organization. However, these programs can't stand alone and hiring managers need to be integrated into them. 

LEAD's approach to onboarding

LEAD is the ideal partner to improve your onboarding process for several reasons. Our expertise runs wide and deep in onboarding. We tailor onboarding processes precisely to your organization and the individual employees you hire. This creates a seamless integration and increases efficiency.

Our approach to onboarding is also strategic and holistic. We see onboarding as a key component in creating an attractive workplace. This involves not only preparing employees for their roles, but also building a cohesive work culture and strengthening employee engagement and belonging.

With LEAD as your onboarding partner, you can expect an optimized process that not only reduces onboarding time, but also creates deep connections between employees and the organization. Our goal is to help you create a workplace that attracts, retains and inspires the best talent

How we can help you

We offer you management and organizational sparring, research-based training and presentations on onboarding as well as training courses with a specific focus on giving you and your organization general management skills. Read examples of our services here.


Inspiring research-based presentations on onboarding for all levels of your organization.


Sparring in the development of your strategy, decisions and initiatives.


Facilitation of active workshops focusing on competence development at management and executive level.

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