Leadership coaching

What is executive coaching?

Leadership coaching is an in-depth, theoretically based conversational method that builds on the principles of open and honest dialog. The method prioritizes a structured, yet intimate conversational format that seeks to promote the personal and professional development of the coachee. In this form of coaching, the coach can either maintain a neutral position or step in as an active participant if it serves the process and helps achieve the coachee's goals.

In recent years, executive coaching has gained popularity, especially at the top levels of corporate and public organizations. This is due to a growing need to develop leaders - both current and future - so they are better equipped to deal with today's challenges. Many organizations now see leadership coaching as an effective tool to strengthen leaders' professional skills and personal strengths, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more productive leadership culture.

Who is leadership coaching for?

A leadership coaching program consists of one-on-one conversations that enable the leader or future leader to address both current challenges and long-term development needs. 

Leadership coaching with LEAD is aimed at, among others: 

  • Managers starting a new job or facing challenges in their leadership 
  • Managers moving to a new level of management (for example, an employee becoming a manager for the first time or a manager of employees being promoted to manager of managers) 
  • Emerging leaders who participate in a talent program in their own organization. Coaching supports the development of leadership talent and helps to deal with the challenges and dilemmas that the future leadership job will inevitably bring 
  • Organizations facing major change or implementing a new strategy. Situations like these almost always challenge leaders, who can greatly appreciate support and feedback in a confidential space with an external coach 
  •  Managers who experience collaboration difficulties. These can occur between managers, between managers and employees, or between employees. Whether it's one, two or three, coaching can help managers deal with collaboration issues in a constructive way that supports collaboration going forward.


LEAD's approach to executive coaching

When dealing with leadership coaching, the form and purpose differs from traditional coaching. Leadership coaching relates to both individual development and the business performance to which the leader must contribute. The sessions can address topics and themes such as power, authority, identity, assertiveness, conflicts, strategy, dilemmas and results. 

Coaching takes place through a fixed number of individual sessions between coach and coachee. We tailor the process to your exact needs - both organizational and individual - and target the areas that managers want to improve or prepare for. 

The benefits of leadership coaching are many. They include the fact that the leader: 

  • Elevates his skills as a leader 
  • Increases self-awareness and becomes more aware of strengths and weaknesses 
  • Become better at making informed decisions  
  • Improves leadership communication and impact 
  • Works on their own development within the organization's framework and opportunities. This is also beneficial to the organization because this work can increase the manager's connection to the workplace 
  • Deals with conflict management and the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and relate to their perspectives and desires. 

If you want to work with leadership coaching - either for experienced, new or up-and-coming leaders - we can offer you the assistance that suits your needs.

How we can help you

We offer you leadership and organizational sparring, research-based training and presentations on leadership coaching as well as training courses with a specific focus on providing you and your organization with general leadership competencies. Read examples of our services here.


Inspiring research-based presentations on leadership coaching for all levels of your organization


Sparring in the development of your strategy, decisions and initiatives.


Facilitation of active workshops focusing on competence development at management and executive level.

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