Interim project management of digitalization

What is interim project management in digitalization?

Interim digitalization project management is a specialized form of interim management where an experienced project manager with specific expertise in digital transformation leads a digitalization project in an organization on a temporary basis. This type of management is particularly useful in situations where the organization either doesn't have the necessary expertise in-house or where there is a need to accelerate a digitalization process.

An interim project manager has a deep understanding of digital transformation and its importance in modern business. They can handle the full range of project management tasks, from setting clear project goals, planning and managing tasks, to managing risks and ensuring effective communication between all stakeholders. The interim project manager acts as a liaison between management, IT specialists and other employees, ensuring that everyone works together to achieve the organization's digital goals.

Interim project management of digitalization is not only limited to technological aspects. It also includes understanding the organizational culture, business processes and the human side of change. An interim project manager has an eye for how digital solutions can create value for the organization and its customers and knows how to navigate complex change processes to achieve this.

It's also important to note that interim project management of digitalization is not an isolated function, but integrates closely with the organization's overall strategy. The project manager must be able to understand and work within the framework of the organization's strategic goals and ensure that the digitalization initiatives support these. In this light, interim digitalization project management can be seen as a key role in ensuring an organization is able to effectively navigate the digital landscape.

Benefits of interim project management of IT projects and digitalization

Interim project management of digitalization can bring significant benefits to an organization. In an age of technological advancement and digital transformation, it's crucial for businesses to adapt and implement new digital solutions quickly and efficiently. Interim project management can offer key skills and expertise to help organizations navigate these complex changes.

Firstly, interim digitalization project management can create a fast and efficient digital transformation. Interim project managers are experts in digital change and can help accelerate the implementation of new technological solutions. Their skill and experience can be particularly valuable if an organization is facing urgent or complex digitalization challenges.

Secondly, interim project managers offer a high degree of flexibility. They can step in at short notice and work intensively on a project for a limited period of time. This can be particularly useful during periods of rapid change or when the organization needs to change direction quickly.

Thirdly, interim project managers can bring a fresh perspective to the organization's challenges and opportunities. They often have a wide range of experience from different industries and projects, which can be a great advantage when finding new, innovative solutions.

Finally, interim project managers can help build internal capacity. They can share their knowledge and experience with the organization's own employees, which can help develop internal digitalization skills. This ensures that the organization is better equipped for future digital challenges, even after the interim project manager has completed their work.

LEAD is part of the Municipal Technology Partnership

The Municipal Technology Partnership is a 1.5-year process where each participating municipality gets help to implement a specific digital solution that has already created benefits in one or more other municipalities. 

In the partnership, we focus on the organization in which the technologies will work, good implementation, employee involvement, strong interdisciplinary collaboration and a smooth transition to operations. 

Experts from LEAD will assist in the various processes of the partnership, ensuring progress and helping participants reach their goals .

LEAD's approach to interim project management in digitalization

LEAD's approach to interim project management in digitalization is grounded in the recognition of the intricate and complex nature of digitalization. Digitalization projects have many elements - technical, organizational and managerial - with interdependencies that require sharp governance. Furthermore, many stakeholders are involved, necessitating effective collaboration, communication and leadership skills across all levels of the organization.

When organizations face such complex challenges and lack the right person for the job, LEAD is ready to step in with an interim project manager. This can be half- or full-time for a given period of time, depending on the needs of the organization. LEAD's interim project managers are highly qualified and have many years of experience with digitalization projects. They work under the leadership of the organization, but bring their own expertise and experience to manage the project safely through all phases.

LEAD also offers interim implementation consultants or support for managers facing implementation tasks. This can be from 2-5 days per week, depending on the needs of the organization. LEAD understands that real change happens in everyday life and knows that balancing the strategic goal with everyday challenges often requires a helping and guiding hand.

LEAD's interim project managers are experts in change management and have a deep understanding of how to build effective relationships within the organization. Their main goal is to ensure the success of the organization's digital transformation. With a LEAD interim project manager, organizations are guaranteed a partner who is fully dedicated to helping them navigate the complex landscape of digitalization.

Case: How Viborg created new results with agile working methods

When it comes to using agile working methods to solve complex welfare tasks, Viborg Municipality is a frontrunner. In collaboration with LEAD, Viborg Municipality has developed a new agile working method called "SamLab" (short for coherence lab), which is used as a lever to create new results in relation to the strategic goal of creating more coherence for citizens.

Through the use of agile working methods, where teams with the right people and the right mandate collaborate across disciplines and organization, new innovative solutions to complex issues have been created for the benefit of citizens. Read on for inspiration on how you can work with agile methods and strengthen cross-functional collaboration in your organization for the benefit of citizens.

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