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What is an organizational analysis?

An organizational analysis examines specific aspects of the organization. For example, it can be an analysis of the culture, psychological safety, management behavior or the psychological work environment. .

At LEAD, we combine different research methods when conducting an organizational analysis. These include initial screening, often consisting of questionnaires, followed by both individual and focus group interviews. The goal is to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. They provide a picture of a selected area of the organization where there is either a definite problem or where there is room for (significant) improvement.

Urgent or preventive organizational analysis

When a management team decides to do an organizational analysis with us, the reason is either urgent (there is a clear, perhaps sudden problem) or preventive (there is a potential problem or clear trend in the organization and industry that requires preventive action).

The pressing factors can be a well-being survey that indicates that there is a poor psychological work environment in parts of the organization. It could also be due to high sickness absence and many employees suffering from stress. Or perhaps the organization is affected by a scandal or a bad case in the media, where critical stories emerge that management and the rest of the organization need to address.

The more preventative reasons could be future challenges in attracting or retaining employees - due to increased workloads or a smaller workforce. It could be a growing turnover rate that the organization wants to address. Or perhaps there will be a need to shake an organization back together on the other side of an ongoing change process.

A sign of maturity

Whether the cause is urgent or preventative, an organizational analysis helps to examine what the root cause of the problem is and to make it clear what might be standing in the way of solving the problem.

And the willingness to perform the organizational analysis shows maturity as an organization. It is a good sign that you want to change or prevent irregularities and that employees and managers have or are given the opportunity to be open about errors, shortcomings and problems.

New insights

By combining quantitative and qualitative data, you gain comprehensive and representative insights, both in breadth and depth. We process this vast knowledge through our mix of disciplines at LEAD, where we bring in highly educated specialists from sociology, psychology, philosophy, economics, political science and management. We have a deep knowledge of the areas we investigate - both from theory and practice - and this means that we are always able to present aha moments and new insights through organizational analysis.

On the other side of the organizational analysis, we can help your organization implement necessary changes, develop leadership foundations, strengthen psychological safety and much more - depending on what the analysis shows is most relevant for you to do.


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