Basic process consultant training

With a basic process consultant education, you get tools to lead changes, processes and meetings in an organization through facilitation. Often, the process consultant acts as a sparring partner for an organization's management and management when new initiatives are to be developed and implemented.

The benefits of basic process consultant training

With the basic process consultant education, you get the right and basic tools to develop and implement changes. You will be trained by experienced and professionally skilled process consultants who have worked theoretically and practically with process consultation for decades.

The basic process consultancy education is based on a link between theory and practice.

You work with your own cases throughout the course. This ensures a greater benefit and that both you and your organization experience a noticeable effect when you return to your daily tasks.

After graduation, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Basic process consultant training

Why choose LEAD's basic process consultant training?

Danish organizations are characterized by process fatigue, lack of engagement and in some cases outright resistance to the many new change projects. So how can we ensure higher accuracy, engaged employees and a sustainable learning culture?

We've explored this with more than 100 practice experts, including HR development managers, strategy managers and top consultants. With their help, we identified the working principles and building blocks that characterize successful change today. We have compared this with the latest research on successful implementation, change management, process consulting and organizational learning. Among other things, the foundation course builds on the basic principles from this study.

The basic process consultant education consists of the first two modules of our process consultant education. Therefore, you also have the opportunity to purchase the remaining four modules later, so you can get the entire education. However, the remaining modules must be purchased within 12 months of your final module on the basic course. 

Hear why Christine Kjeldgård chose LEAD's process consultant training

Listen to LEAN consultant Jane Bøving Larsen and IT tester, implementation consultant and coordinator Christine Kjeldgård talk about why they have chosen to take their process consultant training with a special focus on change management and facilitation at LEAD - enter next level.

Participant profile

The basic process consultant education is aimed at you who work with development, implementation and management of change.

Participants typically hold positions as: Development Consultant, Senior Consultant, Process Consultant, HR Consultant, HR Partner, HR Partner, HR Manager, Department Manager and Project Manager. If you are an independent consultant, you will also benefit greatly from investing in the training.

Your qualifications after training

  • Clarify the organization's real issues
  • Create a design that matches the unique problem
  • Read a room and facilitate effectively
  • Be more confident in your role as a process manager
Employees from LEAD, process consultant training, Certification in LVI
Jeff employee of LEAD, process consultant training

Curious for more?

We can help with registration if you have questions about the basic process consultant education or just want to hear more. Fill out the form and we will call you as soon as possible. 

That's what our participants say:

"It is the best training program I have been through. The super competent teachers manage to convey the theory in a way that is easy to apply in the organization"

Maria Grønbek Philip, Special Consultant, participates in the process consultant training.

Training structure and price

Together with hundreds of practice experts, we have analyzed lessons learned about the principles and building blocks of the most successful changes. We compared this to the latest research on successful implementation, change management, process consulting and organizational learning. To this we have added our research-based models.

The training costs:

19.900,- (excl. VAT) excl. certifications

30.900,- (excl. VAT) incl. LVI-360 certification and Effect profile

We recommend purchasing the course with certifications as it allows you to use the tools in your daily practice. We use these tools ourselves in almost all contexts, as we can document better results.




  • Process approach vs. expert approach

  • The consultative space - basic approaches to development and process consultation

  • The strategic position: Create actionable opportunities that realize the organization's strategy

  • OD position: Use shared learning as a lever for development

  • Gamemastery - The ability to engage in and simultaneously change communicative patterns

  • Speaking and listening positions



  • 1-1 conversations - becoming an excellent sparring partner and mastering professional conversations

  • The systemic position: Create positive change by developing relationships and behaviors

  • The appreciative stance: Create development by connecting current practices with dreams and visions. Turn dreams and visions into reality based on current best practices 

  • Team coaching tools: Structured dialog and bridging tools

  • Workshop design - how to create inspiring and effective workshops 

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Meet your trainer

Kim has 22 years of experience as a coach, consultant and teacher in a number of areas - with leadership and professional conversations as the focal point. Kim's core competence is leadership development. This is often based on the Leadership Pipeline theory, where Kim works with clarification of leadership profiles, transitions into new leadership roles and development of leaders' interaction across and within the management chain. Executive coaching and development of high-performing leadership teams are also among Kim's strengths.


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