Network for strategic management in the public sector

Together with other passionate leaders, you can further develop and focus the leadership skills you have acquired through education and experience in our three-year network program. You will be taught by some of the country's leading business psychologists who have one foot in practice and one in research.

Network for strategic management in the public sector

Our courses are designed for managers in and around the public sector with strategic responsibility for large operational or management areas and the development of employees, managers or entire areas and administrations.

We are all passionate about leadership and use this arena as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and spar with each other without a prior agenda into each other's everyday life and leadership space.

All courses are planned to last three years, and we have groups in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.

Our consultants and advisors are responsible for screening and recruiting members for the individual groups, so if you are looking for or are curious about a network on strategic management in the public sector, please book a non-binding meeting so that we can find the right network group together. 

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Throughout the course you will...

  • Get the latest and most impactful insights on top management across sectors
  • Being confronted with your leadership style
  • Meet like-minded people with similar challenges across disciplines and sectors
  • Draw on other members' experiences so you can avoid the same pitfalls 
  • Present your own cases and get feedback from both in-depth experts and colleagues across the public and private sectors
  • Confirm or refute theses around your strategic considerations before you implement
  • Help others overcome their challenges and apply their experiences to your own practice
  • Create collaboration across organizations
  • Try out new initiatives in your own practice that have a proven effect
  • Expand your merchant repertoire through concrete tools and experience

What do you discuss in our network?

As a member, you are continuously involved in designing and co-creating the course. We make sure to have all the most important topics tailored and prepared, but the group continuously selects and prioritizes topics for the next 6-12 months.

What we at LEAD are particularly concerned with at the moment, and what we could discuss, for example, are questions such as:

  • Wild welfare - how do we characterize and deal with complex societal challenges and wild welfare problems?
  • Cross-collaboration - how do we create valuable collaboration across public organizations?
  • Personal leadership - how can you act as a balanced leader in constantly changing circumstances?
  • Everyday implementation - how do we ensure that political or strategic decisions and intentions are translated into concrete behavioral changes?
  • Organizational resilience - what characterizes resilient organizations and leaders - and how do we create them?
  • The attractive workplace - how do we solve labor challenges and rethink the way we attract and retain managers and employees?
  • The SDGs and DEI - what is our contribution to achieving them; and why are, for example, diversity and the environment relevant competitive parameters for your organization?

As a participant, you will be regularly asked what you are interested in, so we can always talk about the topics that are most relevant to the group. Each meeting will therefore function as a management laboratory (or playground), where we use a highly topical theme with a leading profile in the field to explore the status, challenges and solutions in the latest research and practices(knowledge). From there, we do the same based on both your reality(reflection) and that of your fellow participants across the public sector(mobilization).

Network framework

Participant profile

The courses are aimed at public and quasi-public managers.

We are all passionate about leadership and use this arena as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and spar with each other without an agenda into each other's daily lives.

Each group consists of 25 participants representing different organizations. We put together a group of passionate leaders at the same management level who want to discuss and develop their own leadership practice

Networking courses

The network meets approximately five times a year.  

All meetings will be fully catered. 

Every meeting is professionally facilitated.  

The networking program lasts 36 months. However, it is also possible to purchase 12 or 24 months of membership at a time. 

We host networks in: Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen


Your membership will include five annual meetings per season.

The price varies depending on the length of membership and content in the package you put together with an advisor.

The program is planned three years ahead and thus divided into three seasons.

You can sign up for the following:

  • One season for 29,900 excl. VAT
  • Two seasons for 49,900 excl. VAT
  • Three seasons for 59,900 excl. VAT

Why network at LEAD?

The LEAD networking model is based on more than 20 years of work with the most current research and practical experience in workshop facilitation, leadership and organizational development and course design. We always practice value-based consulting that creates lasting change for our partners.

Your development programme at LEAD therefore differs from other network-based programmes in that there is always a facilitator present with a unique depth of expertise and that we always work with the topics that are most relevant to you, your organization and our public sector as a whole. As opposed to being a pure networking group where the main element is sparring, we always focus on how your participation in the course contributes to your leadership through action learning. We do this regardless of the topic by always focusing on the status, challenges and solutions in

  1. the latest research and practical methods
  2. in your organization and your sphere of influence
  3. in your personal leadership

We always focus on what you as a manager need to work on and succeed with over the next 6-12 months, so we can target your efforts and focus on what the task calls for in terms of leadership. As a manager in the public sector, you need to be able to handle a number of difficult tensions and balances. You must be flexible and accommodating to the changing wishes of politicians and changing needs and conditions in an increasingly complex and changing environment, where sudden crises (both internal and external) are the new normal. This places new demands on building capacity for organizational resilience while creating the framework, leaning in and being open to cross-functional collaboration with other disciplines, departments, organizations and sectors while taking clear responsibility within your own management hierarchy.

Together, we can test theses and ideas in a management laboratory before mobilizing the knowledge and experience from the course into actionable solutions close to your practice.

How we ensure value in every meeting

The network model at LEAD

Research shows that people learn best from the combination of a practice problem, new knowledge, time for reflection and the opportunity to try the opportunity to try things out. That's why all meetings in the program are built around two overarching principles: Knowledge and Action.


The group is presented with research-based knowledge about current leadership models and practical experience. We invite the country's most talented specialists, combined with practical examples from public organizations, to give the group inspiration from the top drawer.


We focus on creating impact in practice, which is why we follow up from meeting to meeting to ensure anchoring in your own management practice. You can also choose to purchase coaching sessions and have a professional sparring partner to help you with the implementation.

Who is behind our network?

The network is developed and managed by Claus Elmholdt and Kristian Dahl from LEAD.

Kristian and Claus have been the preferred partners of top executives for the past 10 years and are behind top management programs at the Danish State, the Danish Association of Local Authorities and the Danish Regions.

Together, they have developed some of Denmark's largest leadership programs, such as Talent Nord, which involves over 200 leaders across the North Denmark Region. 

They are strategic thinkers/developers of new management and leadership models such as 'New Synthesis for Public Value Creation', 'Leadership Pipeline in the Public Sector', 'Effective Leadership Teams' and many other notable projects. 

Our ambition is to create Denmark's best network for leaders in the public sector. That's why we have designed a program of the highest quality and invite some of the country's most talented specialists.


Would you like to know more or would you like to be screened for a networking group?

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