Process facilitation

What is process facilitation?

Process facilitation is an organized and structured method of guiding and supporting a group of people through various activities or processes to achieve specific goals. It usually involves the use of a facilitator or process leader who is responsible for creating and maintaining positive and effective group dynamics.

The facilitator helps define goals, develop an appropriate process, manage discussions, promote collaboration, and ensure all participants are involved and feel heard. Process facilitation can be used in a wide range of contexts, including meetings, workshops, strategic planning, conflict resolution and decision-making.

The essence of process facilitation is to create a setting where the group can work together effectively, exchange ideas, solve problems and reach decisions in a democratic and inclusive way. It helps to improve group dynamics, foster creativity, and ensure that meetings or activities run smoothly and achieve the desired outcomes.

Why it's important to master process facilitation

Mastering process facilitation requires skill and proficiency. The facilitator manages the process, communicates clearly, makes sure all participants feel heard and handles conflict and resistance in an empathetic way.

As a facilitator, your role is to create the framework for the meeting or work process. This involves explaining and defining the tools and methods that the team or group will use to accomplish the task. In addition, it's important to ensure that participants feel safe and engaged so they can reflect, discuss and make informed decisions.

As a facilitator, you take on a leadership role, responsible for managing the process the group goes through to reach the goal. This skill is valuable in a wide range of situations and organizations as it promotes efficiency, collaboration and success.

LEAD's approach to process facilitation

In our training you will develop your skills in process facilitation. Process consultants lead change, processes and meetings in an organization. They often act as sparring partners for management or executive management when new initiatives are developed and implemented.  

The program is therefore aimed at those who are involved in the development, implementation and management of change. Your position could be, for example: 

  • Development Consultant 
  • Senior Consultant 
  • HR consultant, HR partner or HR manager 
  • Department manager  
  • Project Manager 

If you are an independent consultant, you can also benefit greatly from the training. 

The Process Facilitation programme strengthens both your organization and your career. After the program, you will be able to: 

  • Clarify the organization's issues 
  • Create a design that matches the problem 
  • Read a room and facilitate effectively 
  • Communicate messages that create engagement and followership 
  • Be confident in your role as a process consultant 
  • Integrate top-down and bottom-up processes 
  • Develop and implement engaging and varied ways of working. 

How we can help you

We offer you management and organizational sparring, research-based training and presentations on process facilitation as well as training courses with a specific focus on providing you and your organization with general management skills. Read examples of our services here.


Inspiring research-based presentations on process facilitation for all levels of your organization.


Sparring in the development of your strategy, decisions and initiatives.


Facilitation of active workshops focusing on competence development at management and executive level.

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