Learning culture - what do we need it for?

Employee in LEAD, Mickey Klysner Riis, Authorized Work Environment Advisor


Learning culture - what do we need it for?

What is learning culture? What can it be used for? How can you develop a learning culture? We talk about all this in today's podcast, where business psychologist and chief consultant Mickey Klysner Riis shares knowledge, experiences and tools that can help you strengthen a learning culture in you, your team, your department and your organization. 

How can LEAD help with learning culture?

The development of a sustainable learning culture is essential for organizations. LEAD offers tailored programs that provide you with the tools and strategies needed to build an effective learning culture. Our experienced trainers guide you in defining goals, developing strategies and implementing effective learning methods. Contact us to strengthen your organization's learning culture.

Should we have a no-obligation dialog?

We can help with all types of leadership development, whether it's tailored development programs, courses, training, workshops, lectures or anything else. 

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