Diversity and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity and inclusion is about creating diverse, fair and inclusive work environments where different perspectives and identities are valued. We work with organizations that want to promote diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, we often find that organizations struggle to put DEI initiatives into practice. That's why we provide professional advice and support to help organizations successfully navigate the complex issues of diversity and inclusion and create more inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion

LEAD's approach to DEI is rooted in research-based methods and a in-depth understanding of the specific challenges your challenges your organization faces. Through close collaboration with you, we aim to create a work environment where diversity, equality and inclusion inclusion are not just goals, but an integrated reality. This approach approach includes a combination of individual, cultural and structural structural measures.

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Why should your organization work with diversity and inclusion?

Organizational and managerial work on diversity and inclusion is important for any organization that wants to create diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments. Five of the key reasons why you should engage with DEI initiatives are: 


Leadership development: Active leadership engagement in DEI initiatives helps develop and refine a range of leadership skills such as empathy, inclusion, communication, conflict management and flexibility.


Foster innovation and growth: Diversity in teams creates environments that foster diverse problem solving, continuous learning and creativity. This not only enriches product development, but also strengthens the organization's competitiveness in a dynamic and changing world.


Increased employee engagement and well-being: Inclusive environments foster a sense of trust and engagement among employees. Cultural sensitivity across differences creates respectful and open environments, that promote collaboration and well-being.


Attractive workplace: Actively working with DEI initiatives creates attractive workplaces by promoting diversity and inclusion. This is because inclusive cultures attract talented employees and strengthen the organization's reputation.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Embracing DEI shows that your organization is responsibly committed to - and actively working towards contributing to positive social and societal change.

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The purpose of the DEI leadership course at OK was to create awareness and inspiration for 100 leaders through hands-on training to help them promote an inclusive culture and ensure a safe and attractive workplace for everyone.

To ensure that the content and format of the training hit the mark with managers, we conducted three test workshops for the executive board, AMO organization and HR. With input from these, we tailored the final format and used the input of the management in particular to anchor the course strategically for the managers.

The training consisted of two workshops with six to seven weeks in between, partly to strengthen knowledge transfer and partly to have time for trial actions between the two workshops. Buddy agreements supported that the managers were kept up on their promises of trial actions between workshops.

"I started the program with my arms crossed, but I think something has really happened from the first workshop to now. We can talk about things that I didn't think we could talk about in OK. It's great and a big step in the journey for us."

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LEAD teaches a DEI development program for management, managers, directors of studies, heads of department and other personnel managers at CBS.

The program aims to train inclusive leadership skills in the management team as part of CBS' implementation of their Gender Equality Plan

In collaboration with CBS' D&I Office, different themes were selected. It was important to CBS that the managers developed a common language and had fruitful dialogues along the way. Therefore, the managers met in learning groups between the four modules to put DEI competencies into practice.

Other topics: dealing with discrimination in the workplace, diversity management, microaggressions and norms

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