Networking for the attractive workplace

In LEAD's networking program, you can join other strategic decision-makers, middle managers, human resources managers and other relevant profiles such as consultants and HR to focus on managing the attractive workplace.

You will have the opportunity to build a strong network of professionals and through expert facilitation, both your experience and that of the other participants will be mobilized. This ensures that you leave each meeting not only inspired, but also ready to translate that inspiration into concrete action in your own organization.

Background and purpose of the network:
'The attractive workplace'

The attractive workplace is an area where LEAD is gaining traction as the workforce challenge is one of the biggest challenges facing the public sector today - and is beginning to be one of the biggest challenges facing both the private and third sectors. This places new demands on leaders to create a workplace culture and mindset that attracts, engages and develops employees, supports engagement and performance, is aware of the social and ethical aspects of workplace demands, and ensures employee competencies and well-being. 

The framework for the process

The network is for managers and others with an interest in the effect of double-clicking on the work of the attractive workplace in their organizations/departments. You can be managers, middle managers, department managers, project managers, program managers or other management roles as well as consultants and HR profiles etc. 

We are all passionate about leadership and use this arena as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and spar with each other without a prior agenda into each other's everyday life and leadership space.

Your participation will include four annual meetings. The four meetings will be immersion activities with different elements from the DAA and DNA models.

The network will consist of 20-40 participants.

Employees in LEAD, intern

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to...

With the program, LEAD wants participants to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and factors that affect whether they succeed in attracting and retaining employees, and which they can influence themselves. The network will give them access to the latest research and knowledge in the field while meeting like-minded people in the same situation.

  • Meet like-minded people with similar challenges across disciplines and sectors
  • Present your own cases and get feedback from both in-depth experts and colleagues across the public and private sectors
  • Expand your merchant repertoire through concrete tools and experience

What do we discuss in our network?

As a member, you are continuously involved in designing and co-creating the course. We make sure to have all the most important topics tailored and prepared, but the group continuously selects and prioritizes topics for the next 6-12 months.

What we at LEAD are particularly concerned with at the moment, and what we could discuss, for example, are questions such as: 

  • How do you adapt your organization to a future with rising expectations for wellbeing and fewer people to deliver?  
  • How do you harness the potential of flexible working, collegial communities and diversity and inclusion? 
  • How do you ensure that there is a match between job description and reality? 
  • How do you ensure that pay and benefits are competitive and fair? 
  • How do you promote feedback and a learning culture so employees feel empowered, engaged and develop professionally? 
  • How do you effectively implement digitalization and new technologies to support work processes? 
  • How to leverage diversity and inclusion as a force for innovation and collaboration? 
  • How do you attract and retain the best talent in a competitive labor market? 
  • How do you develop strong employee branding that reflects your organization's values and purpose? 
  • How do you balance flexibility and predictability in working hours and location? 
  • How do you involve employees in decision-making processes and give them influence and autonomy? 
  • How do you manage conflicts and dilemmas in a complex and dynamic work environment? 
  • How do you strengthen cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational collaboration to solve complex tasks and challenges? 

As a participant, you will be regularly asked what you are interested in, so we can always talk about the topics that are most relevant to the group. Each meeting will therefore function as a management laboratory (or playground), where we use a highly topical theme with a leading profile in the field to explore the status, challenges and solutions in the latest research and practices(knowledge). From there, we do the same based on both your reality(reflection) and that of your fellow participants across the public sector(mobilization).

Meet your network facilitator
Kim Martin Nielsen

Kim has 22 years of experience as a coach, consultant and teacher in a number of areas - with leadership and professional conversations as the focal point. Kim's core competence is leadership development. This is often based on the Leadership Pipeline theory, where Kim works with clarification of leadership profiles, transitions into new leadership roles and development of leaders' interaction across and within the management chain. Executive coaching and development of high-performing leadership teams are also among Kim's strengths.

Network framework

Participant profile

The network is for managers and others with an interest in the effect of double-clicking on the work of the attractive workplace in their organizations/departments. You can be managers, middle managers, department managers, project managers, program managers or other management roles as well as consultants and HR profiles etc. 


Your membership will include four meetings per year.


  • December 03, 2024
  • February 25, 2025
  • June 03, 2025
  • 09. September 2025


You can sign up for the following:

  • One year for 19,900 kr. 

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How we ensure value in every meeting

The network model at LEAD

Research shows that people learn best from the combination of a practice problem, new knowledge, time for reflection and the opportunity to try the opportunity to try things out. That's why all meetings in the course are built around two overarching principles: Knowledge and mobilization.


Each session draws on the latest research in leadership and methods with proven with proven impact in practice. We use use a mix of practical experience from own projects, research, tools and possible cases from our members.


All meetings have an action angle, so we ensure anchoring in the organization. We put a strong focus on defining some concrete and individual individual test actions based on the theme in collaboration with facilitators and the other participants. Here we will continue to work in groups so that you participants can mobilize the experiences in the the room for impact

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