Strategic leadership of the DEI agenda

If you want to drive the DEI agenda with clear results, you need to work with DEI on a strategic and structural level. LEAD can help you develop and implement a DEI strategy and governance model tailored to your organization's specific needs. We always start with an analysis and understanding of the organization, and together we develop action plans and goals. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, you can create a work culture where all employees, regardless of background, feel that they belong, that they are seen, heard and valued for who they are and what they bring to the organization.

Why should leaders and organizations work strategically with DEI?

Some of the crises we are experiencing these days may be a sign that we are not operating on a long-term sustainable level when developing our organizations. Working sustainably requires us to include far more perspectives than we are used to. It's a condition for the organizations of the future to adapt to the demands of the future and contribute to solving the problems we face. Complex challenges rarely have simple solutions, which is why we at LEAD believe it is important to work with the DEI agenda on different levels in your organization; structurally, culturally and individually.

Succeeding with the strategic DEI agenda can help create:

  • To create motivated and happy employees and thus an attractive workplace that attracts and retains employees
  • To strengthen an inclusive community and promote psychological safety in the organization, creating a fertile ground for knowledge sharing, learning culture, openness and innovation
  • To strengthen your organizational resistance - and resilience - by enhancing your ability to make sustainable decisions so you are better equipped to handle both periods of prosperity and times of crisis
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Strategically oriented

We help with everything from a DEI core narrative, policy development, inclusive processes and the development of action plans and targets. We operate at multiple levels in the strategic process, so you can see changes both within your own organization and in the interaction with external stakeholders and societal actors.

Analysis work

DEI strategy work always starts with an analysis of the organization, including how diverse the organization is? Whether the organization's leaders and employees feel included? What barriers exist to increased inclusion? As well as an analysis of your industry to identify the opportunities and challenges you face.

User involvement

We involve your employees in the process to ensure ownership and commitment to the new strategy and to make sure minority perspectives are included.


We often set strategic goals and develop concrete action plans to achieve them.

How we can help you

We offer strategic sparring, analysis and employee involvement tailored to develop your organization's strategic work with diversity, equality and inclusion. See examples of our services here:

Strategic sparring

Sparring in connection with the development of your organization, your decisions and initiatives within the DEI area (e.g. development of strategy, policies and action plans)


We create the analysis tool, both quantitative, qualitative and desktop analysis of your industry and general communication

Employee engagement and networking

We help facilitate employee groups and networks

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The purpose of the DEI leadership course for OK was to create awareness and inspiration for 100 leaders through hands-on training on how leaders can promote an inclusive culture and ensure a safe and attractive workplace for everyone.

To ensure that the content and format of the training hit the mark with the managers, we conducted three test workshops for the executive board, AMO organization and HR. With input from these, we tailored the final format and used the input from the management in particular to anchor the course strategically for the managers.

The training consisted of two workshops with six to seven weeks in between to ensure knowledge transfer and time for trial actions between the two workshops. Buddy agreements supported that managers were kept up on their promises of trial actions between workshops.

I started the program with my arms crossed, but I think something has really happened from the first workshop to now. We can talk about things that I didn't think we could talk about in OK. It's great and a big step in the journey for us."

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LEAD teaches at a DEI leadership development program for management, managers, directors of studies, heads of department and other personnel managers at CBS.

The program aims to train inclusive leadership skills in the management team as part of CBS' implementation of their Gender Equality plan

In collaboration with CBS' D&I Office, different themes were selected. It was important for CBS that the managers developed a common language and had fruitful dialogues along the way. Therefore, the managers met in learning groups between the 4 modules to practice DEI competencies in practice.

Other topics: How to deal with discrimination in the workplace, diversity management, microaggressions and norms

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