Sissel Laigaard

Project consultant


Phone: +45 21 29 63 63 63

Sissel Laigaard

Sissel Laigaard

Sissel has a keen interest in leadership, work psychology and organizational development. Currently, she is particularly passionate about facilitating solution-oriented processes.

Sissel is a student, but has gained significant experience through a number of student-relevant jobs before joining LEAD.

Previously, she has had the privilege of working as a student consultant at HumanHouse, a junior consultant at Work Capacity, a Talent Acquisition assistant at NGIN and even a volunteer counselor at Headspace. These opportunities have given her the chance to explore different areas of work and organizational psychology and build a wide range of skills including analysis, communication, event coordination, psychological testing and interviewing.

In addition, she has also gained experience in leadership development, psychological work environment, stress and recruitment, just to name a few areas. Recently, however, Sissel has developed a special interest in implementation and change management, which she is passionate about exploring further.

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Leadership development

Distributed leadership

An expert panel of two consultants and a school principal delves into the importance and value of distributed leadership. What do you need to pay special attention to? When will it go wrong if you're not? What are the first steps to getting started with distributed leadership?

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