Kaare Pedersen

PhD, MSc.

E-mail: kp@lead.eu

Employee in LEAD - Kaare Pedersen

Kaare Pedersen

Kaare has extensive knowledge and practical experience with implementation, digitalization, digital transformation and benefit realization. He works on a daily basis with teaching, lecturing and advising both public and private organizations.

He has a background as a management consultant, and previously as a project manager at KL, center manager at Sorø Municipality, internal consultant at Roskilde Municipality, and researcher at RUC. This has given him extensive experience with organizational processes and people in change, whether it has been about digitalization or other development initiatives. He has also been responsible for the operation of a job center and knows and understands the importance of safeguarding operations and the people who keep it running. Kaare has worked as a project and program manager and advisor in numerous processes, especially in municipalities and the state, but also has solid experience in teaching and dissemination, facilitator at workshops and networks, external lecturer, etc.

Kaare is present with a twinkle in his eye in his communication. He is theoretically and practically equipped and has the ability to make his material situation-specific. He works well in organizations and has a good sense of what is needed in a specific situation.

Kaare's interest is people in change. He is interested in the complexity and dilemmas managers and employees face in a daily life with many operational considerations and development initiatives.

Kaare has written the bestseller "Problem-oriented project work - a tool book" which is in its 5th edition. In recent years, he has written blog posts on Linkedin and in Danish Project Management.

Kaare holds an MSc in engineering and a PhD in social science.

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Selected publications

Problem-oriented Project Work - a tool book
Samfundslitteratur. 5th edition

Problem Oriented Project Work - a Tool Book
Samfundslitteratur. Now in 2nd edition, 5th printing

3 benefits: Profit-driven projects challenge habitual thinking and create profit, KL, 2022

Environmental regulation - interdisciplinary perspectives, Roskilde University Press, 1997

Meaning in the meeting between strategy and operations, Journal of Danish Project Management, May 2018

More responsibility, fewer templates, Journal of Danish Project Management, no. 1, 2018

The Spice Girls Principle: Succeed with small changes.

From great idea to widespread practice - the art of finding what works.

The manager who wanted to know who put digitalization on her head

Strategy tsunami surrounds municipalities. KITA magazine, Nov. 2022, page 28

KL on business cases: From freaks to meaningful gains, Altinget, 2016.

Kaare Pedersen has 20 years of implementations in municipalities behind him "The chain can break in many places", Ingeniøren, DigiTech, Jan 11, 2023.


Work experience

Senior Consultant at LEAD - enter next level (2021 - )

Management Consultant at Peak Consulting Group (2016 - 2021)

Project Manager/Deputy Office Manager at KL (2012 - 2016)

Head of Center for Labor Market and Health, Sorø Municipality (2010 - 2012)

Consultant, chief consultant, project manager at KL (2001 - 2010)

Internal consultant, Roskilde Municipality (1998 - 2001)

Researcher - Ph.D student, assistant professor and associate professor, RUC (1991 - 1998)





Profit realization


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