Book release by Christian Nyvang Qvick: Is anyone at home in the strategy house?

LEAD presents Christian Nyvang Qvick's latest book: "Is anyone home in the strategy house? Setting direction with vision, mission, values and strategies", published on May 9, 2023.

For a long time, there has been a lack of a Danish book that provides concrete answers on how to translate mission, vision, values and strategies into effective tools that can guide the organization in practice. But now the wait is over.

In his latest publication, management consultant and Partner of LEAD, Christian Nyvang Qvick introduces "Is anyone at home in the strategy house?" - a simple and systematic method for working holistically with mission, vision, values and strategies.

The book provides insights into how leaders can formulate and communicate mission and vision so that they make sense and set direction for the organization and its employees. It also describes how to develop and embed values to promote desired behaviors. It also presents tools to help translate strategies from paper to practice.

"Is anyone at home in the strategy house?" is based on solid research, but is written in a personal and accessible language. The book is filled with real-life cases and practical tools that readers can apply directly to their work.

The book is aimed primarily at public managers, managers in semi-public organizations, as well as teachers and students on diploma and master's programmes. However, managers in private organizations as well as HR, development, management and organizational consultants will also benefit greatly from the book.

LEAD is proud to present "Is anyone at home in the strategy house?", which contributes to a stronger understanding and practical application of mission, vision, values and strategies in organizations.

Set direction with vision, mission, values and strategies

- Christian Nyvang Qvick

How do the four core concepts of mission, vision, values and strategies become real and visibly linked navigation tools for your organization - rather than just airy management lingo on coffee cups and websites? 

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