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At LEAD, we help you develop leadership and employee foundations that support the key strategic challenges your organization faces, create clear expectations in the management chain and contribute to better solutions for citizens.

All management and employee foundations are tailored to align with the strategic goals as well as the (management) core mission of the organization.

Our approach is based on the latest knowledge and best practice leadership theories as well as many years of practical experience from a wide range of public organizations, where we have extensive experience working with the political leadership role, the city council and various committees as well as the citizenship role.

The Leadership Pipeline theory often forms the framework for the work, so that together we ensure that all levels of management have a common language and understanding of what each manager needs to succeed individually and together, and what this requires from each level of management. Paradox and dilemma theory (e.g. Competing Values Framework) is another example of a theoretical foundation that we also often use as a framework for the development of leadership and employee foundations.

However, the work is always based on 3 key focus areas:

  1. To create an intelligent and comprehensive engagement that enables the development of a new leadership foundation with tailored profiles. The profiles should cover all leadership and employee roles. They should define the competencies and behaviors needed to create a well-functioning organization with high performance and high quality in the core task.
  2. To create leadership support structures and processes that are designed and aligned to empower leaders in their leadership roles and behaviors.
  3. To implement development processes with effective learning processes that translate the management and employee foundation into concrete actions in the everyday lives of managers and employees. In this way, we ensure that the management and employee foundation becomes a meaningful and integrated part of everyday task performance.

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LEAD has assisted DSB with the development of a management framework as part of the realization of DSB's strategy 2030 to make it easier to be a manager in DSB. The leadership framework is called "Roadmap for Good Leadership" and aims to strengthen the leadership quality in DSB and create a strong leadership chain with clear roles, responsibilities, communication and key leadership competencies at each management level in DSB using the Leadership Pipeline.

LEAD has helped Thisted Municipality with the development and implementation of their governance framework.

The foundation is based on the Leadership Pipeline and acts as a natural extension of the existing leadership support activities in the organization.

In the process, LEAD also equipped a number of internal consultants with the skills to support the work locally and build the organization's capacity to put the newly developed leadership foundation into practice once the formal project was completed.

LEAD has assisted Holbæk Municipality with the development of a leadership foundation that expresses clear requirements and expectations for good leadership in the different, unique functions of the managers in the organization.

The management foundation is called "Management as a strong partner" and aims to contribute to a common management language, culture and practice. Together, this will move Holbæk Municipality towards a solid core of value-creating relationships across the municipality, which can promote that the municipality's task solution to an even greater extent is based on the needs of citizens and businesses - a movement where everyone is co-responsible for producing common direction, coordination and commitment in the municipality.

LEAD has assisted the Danish Prison and Probation Service in developing their management and employee base with

helpful descriptions of what you need to be able to do at all levels to strengthen the management organization as a unified leadership.

The purpose of the foundation is to strengthen management so that it can act as a unified strategic management from director to employee level to an even greater extent. The goal is a group-wide management and employee foundation that specifically supports the new organization and the strategic objectives of the Danish Prison and Probation Service.

LEAD has helped Syddjurs Municipality with the development of a management and employee foundation with a focus on

Promote and strengthen the ability of managers and employees to act professionally and effectively in clear roles both internally and externally.

Develop a tailored and strategically aligned foundation that drives the vision.

Strengthen the individual manager in their own leadership role with a sharp focus on the vision and (management) core task based on the foundation.

Strengthen and sharpen the mutual understanding of each other's roles from CEO to employee.

Strengthen and sharpen the implementation power of the leadership organization - by optimizing the mutual understanding of each other's leadership roles and how each level plays each other well.