Leadership on digital platforms

For your organization to succeed in a digitalized world, you need to develop the leadership skills to operate from a digitalized mindset.

We help you become equipped to lead employees and managers from different generations who have specific values and expectations for your leadership practices. One way we do this is by advising you on how you can support the delivery of your core business through your leadership - and your digital presence.

We can also help you lead the digital transformation and bring digitalization into your core business and everyday behavior.

Developing leadership on digital platforms

Right now, a special generation of people and employees are entering adulthood and the workforce: the digital natives. This is the first generation of adults who have lived their entire lives with the internet, mobile phones and social media. Already, young people between the ages of 18 and 28 make up over 10% of the Danish workforce. In just five years, one in four employees will have practically lived their entire lives in a digital world (Schultz Hansen, 2015).

But how should you embrace digital natives as a leader and colleague? When working with digital leadership, we often start with the following key questions:

  • What characterizes leadership in a digitalized world? And what demands does it place on you as a leader?
  • How can you use social media to motivate and engage the younger generation of employees?
  • How can you support your core business by working strategically with your digital presence?

When working with digital leadership, we often use a concept called SoMe360. A SoMe360 is a review of your personal or organizational digital leadership across the most commonly used digital platforms; Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.
Through a SoMe360, you gain insight into the strengths and development potential of your or your organization's ability to use the digital platforms. The review can thus form the basis for a targeted effort to expand your leadership space and succeed in managing the younger generation of employees.

You can find inspiration in this selection of examples of services for developing digital leadership in your organization:

  • Presentation on digital leadership and digital natives
  • Workshops on how to build capacity to lead across digital platforms with a focus on the core business.
  • Sparring on how to work strategically with your or your organization's digital presence and strengthen your organization's ability to attract, motivate and retain the younger generation of talented employees.
  • Analyze and work with your digital presence through the SoMe360 concept for developing your leadership space across social media.

We tailor to your wishes and needs, focusing on the benefits for you and your organization. If you want a more standardized format, we also have tools for that.

What customers say

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How do you develop the leaders who will future-proof the solution of future municipal and regional tasks throughout North Jutland?

LEAD is working with nine North Jutland municipalities and the North Denmark Region to solve this significant challenge. The collaboration is called "Talent Nord" and the ambition is to develop the future leaders of North Jutland together.

The participants are managers of employees and managers of managers who have the ambition and will to take the step towards the next leadership challenge in one of the participating municipalities or in the North Denmark Region. In the program, participants worked on how they can develop their digital leadership and work strategically with social media as a lever for the core task.

Read more about Talent Nord at talentnord.dk.

"Nicole from LEAD gave a presentation to the North Jutland citizen service managers, where she very vividly talked about management of the 4 different generations that are currently in the labor market, as well as the challenges and tools that could be used. The presentation was delivered with a sharp edge, which meant that the discussions afterwards led to reflections in your own duck pond."

- Morten Overgaard, Head of Citizen and Administration Services in Mariagerfjord Municipality

LEAD has assisted the Children, Youth and Leisure Administration in Middelfart Municipality in defining the importance of social media in the leaders' management practice. The focus was on the new rules of the game that the digital natives act from, and which you as a manager can take with you in your own leadership.

In addition, work was done on how Middelfart Municipality can support the solution of core tasks by working strategically with both their own and the organization's digital presence. The work was based on SoMe360, which led to the development of the organization's strategy for digital presence.