Project tsunamis

Let LEAD help prevent stress in the workplace.

Large companies and public organizations are drowning in projects, or so it seems.

There is not one center that initiates projects, but many.
Projects are pouring in from ministries, agencies, HR, the board of directors, management, committees and, on rare occasions, the company's actual business. This creates confusion, project overload, lack of impact and a sense of powerlessness in all levels of management and not least among employees. But there are ways to stem the tide of project tsumanism.
Listen to the talk and get a reflection and language for the challenge you may be facing and a number of possible initiatives that reduce project complexity and stem the project tsunami.
We can organize a 1-hour lecture or a 3-hour workshop. 

Who is the target audience for this talk?

  • The talk is for executives at group level, and or further down in the organization.

What value does the assignment create for your organization?

Tools and methods for designing impactful talent programs that allow both management and professional talent to flourish.

Knowledge and methodology to make talent development a part of everyday life.

Inspiring tools to put talent development on the agenda in your organization and engage and mobilize your company to work with talent development.

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