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What is a growth mindset?

A Growth mindset believes that abilities can be developed through effort and persistence, whereas a Fixed mindset refers to the belief that abilities are innate and unchangeable. Mindset is fundamentally about how we understand abilities and development opportunities.

Research suggests that a growth mindset increases the ability to learn from mistakes, creating greater engagement, job performance, innovation and commitment.

At the same time, having a Fixed mindset can have serious consequences. In organizations where a fixed mindset dominates, leaders and employees find it difficult to accept critical feedback and may even try to hide mistakes and take shortcuts to achieve goals. In a world of constant change and repeated organizational transformations, the mindset of individuals and organizations is crucial to their ability to succeed in the long term. Here, the Growth mindset is the psychological foundation for the learning and development that will ensure the survival of companies.a

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Do you believe that abilities are innate and unchangeable? Or do you believe that skills can be developed through effort and persistence?

Whether we understand abilities as fixed (Fixed mindset) or changeable (Growth mindset) has an impact on how we act when facing challenges or receiving feedback from others.
One of the benefits of a growth mindset is that mistakes become something to talk about and learn from, and developmental feedback is a natural part of everyday organizational life. Several of the world's leading companies, such as Microsoft, have already incorporated a growth mindset as a permanent part of their organizational culture. And it's certainly not without reason.

The lecture framework

This talk is about fostering curiosity, innovation and performance through the right mindset, specifically focused on the Growth mindset. It explains how a Growth mindset believes that abilities can be developed through effort and persistence, as opposed to a Fixed mindset, which believes that abilities are innate and unchangeable. The talk offers concrete tools and methods for working with Growth mindset, as well as new research-based knowledge on the topic and insights into why organizations should integrate Growth mindset as part of their culture.

We can offer 1-2 hour presentations or half-day workshops. 

The target audience is managers, development consultants, HR consultants or employees. 

Benefits of the talk

Concrete tools and methods for working with growth mindset.

New research-based insights into what Growth mindset is all about.

Insight into why organizations should work on developing a growth mindset so that it becomes part of the organization's culture.

The talk is held and arranged in collaboration with our Growth mindset expert, Rasmus Thy Grøn.

Rasmus is a partner and area manager for Leadership Development. He is an active participant in a business PhD at Aarhus University, where he shares his focus on Growth Mindset. As a business psychologist with a background in economics and management, he uses economic principles as a tool to understand psychology and leadership. 

Rasmus strives to unite theory and practice to optimize organizational development and shape the leadership principles of the future. With expertise in consulting and developing top leaders, Rasmus has an in-depth understanding of the integration of the Growth mindset in culture development and organizational learning. 

He is a leading specialist in this field in Denmark and collaborates with both international and Danish organizations to strengthen the Growth mindset on an individual and organizational level.

Partner and responsible for the business area Management Team Development

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