Distributed leadership

Let LEAD help you build distributed leadership in your organization.

Distributed leadership is the practice of involving employees in performing specific organizational tasks or functions.

These employees are often referred to as resource people and include professional luminaries, team coordinators, project managers, schedulers and other employees who act in a "hybrid role" where they often need to take a leadership role to succeed in their function - but without having formal management rights. 

What are the potentials of spreading distributed leadership as an organizational practice? 
What pitfalls can be associated with operating in a "both-and" role, where resource persons act as equal colleagues a subset of the time, and at other times must act as instructing, guiding or correcting the organization's other employees? 
How can you as a formal leader support your resource people to succeed? 

These are some of the questions you can learn more about during this talk. 

We can offer 1-2 hour lectures or half- and full-day workshops.

Who is the target audience for this talk?

  • Managers and resource people.  

What value does the assignment create for your organization?

Tools to safely navigate the role of a resource person and akeen eye on pitfalls that both the formal manager and the resource person must try to steer around.

Knowledge of the potentials associated with spreading distributed leadership as an organizational practice.

Tools to align expectations for fulfilling the role of resource person - internally and externally in the organization, so that the mandate and responsibilities are clear.

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Want to unleash your employees' skills?

Distributed leadership has the potential to optimize and innovate, and it can boost employee motivation and well-being. But what is distributed leadership and how do you get started? 

Find out in this short article.

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