Torsten Conrad - How to choose the best implementation approach


Torsten Conrad - How to choose the best implementation approach 

Torsten Conrad provides insights on the most important things to be aware of in implementation and execution. Torsten also talks about four different implementation approaches that fit your organization's context.

How can LEAD help with Implementation & Change Management?

We know from research and practice that many initiatives fail. Even a good decision has a bad outcome if the implementation is poor. That's why it's important that you as a manager have tools in your toolbox. In our training, you'll get all the best tools to succeed with your implementations. You bring your own case that we help you solve and follow up on your progress on an ongoing basis. 

Our implementation team consists of 7 consultants in total, all with different backgrounds and skill profiles, giving you a more varied training experience. 

Should we have a no-obligation dialog?

We can help with all types of leadership development, whether it's tailored development programs, courses, training, workshops, lectures or anything else. 

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