People profiles and development tools

At LEAD, we develop people - both the individual manager or employee and groups. We do this through coaching, sparring and processes that support reflection and results in performance for the individual and the group as a whole.

Developing the individual

When we work with the development of individual managers or employees, we usually do so in connection with a personal profile or a development tool that supports development through insight and reflection.

We work with personality profiles such as Hogan, JTI/MBTI, NEO-PIR or with feedback through 360-degree leadership assessments with LVI.

We find that managers gain increased value and greater impact by supplementing their development with a personal profile or evaluation, as it provides a data-informed basis for reflection and dialog. At the same time, the profile tools support a focus on what is important here and now and a prioritization for the individual - what is perceived as particularly important to talk about now and what can wait? Such focus and prioritization is often helpful for the manager, as we as individuals can be blind to our own potentials or challenges.

Developing the group

When we work with management teams, we use, among other things, the effect profile, which looks closely at the strengths and weaknesses of the management team and focuses on what is essential and meaningful for the management team and the organization as a whole.

We also work with group profiles based on LVI 360 or other profiling and feedback tools.

Group profiles are highly effective in the development of groups as a whole, as we also see a tendency for group members to be unaware of the group's potentials or challenges. We have had great success using group profiles in seminars and workshops with a focus on increasing the group's capacity and execution power in, for example, organizational change and development processes.